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Search engines are the place anyone visits when looking for something. On social media, you get to see content that’s curated for you. In contrast, Google is the place people go when they are actually looking for something.

And sometimes, they’re not necessarily looking for you but stumble upon your article or a mention on another website.

It can work both ways. That’s done through on-site & off-site SEO. We’ll talk about that a bit down the line.

People scan the first page of answers on Google and usually don’t go any further. That’s why you need affordable SEO packages to land you on the first page of Google.

Thus, when a customer searches for your products, your website will be right there.

What’s included in our affordable SEO packages

Having a holistic SEO strategy is key to ranking high on search engines. You’ll need the right keywords, an optimized website, and a domain authority that can land you the sales you need. Essentially, you’re going to need these services.

On-Site SEO

On-site SEO (otherwise known as on-page SEO) relates to optimizing every little feature on your website in order to rank higher on search engines. 

From extensive keyword research efforts to high-quality content and internal links, on-site SEO makes your website likable for search engines on a more direct level.

If you’re new to SEO, we’d love to tell you all about its possibilities. 

Our affordable SEO packages include all the necessary sub-services you need to bring in relevant organic traffic, so let’s talk about optimizing your website.

Off-Site SEO

Off-site SEO services mainly relate to building up backlinks (links to your website across the web) for your website. This is one of the primary drivers of your domain’s authority. Think of it like this – the better your backlinks, the higher your domain authority, and the higher your domain authority, the better the keywords that you can rank for. It also helps you bring more traffic, gain more exposure and visibility.

Each and every business requires a custom off-site SEO strategy. With the few ways that you can build up your backlinks, you need to use the right ones for your business. Our affordable SEO packages do the work for you with no fuss, so let’s have a chat and discuss your website.

Technical SEO Services

Aside from the creative side of SEO, there are some technical requirements your website needs to meet. 

Search engines take note of your website’s layout, usability, speed, and much more when pushing you up or down the ranks. That’s why you need a boutique SEO agency by your side to drive you in the right direction.

Whether your website is new or old, you definitely need to think about the technical aspect of SEO. 

If your website is new, you’ll need to start on the right foot. If your website has been around for a while and isn’t bringing the results you expected, technical improvements are in order.

Local SEO Services

If you have a local business that has a physical address or target an audience in one specific location, you’re going to need local SEO services. If you run a grocery store and want your shop to pop up when someone searches “grocery store near me”, local SEO can make it happen. This branch of SEO employs different techniques to achieve your desired results.

Affordable local SEO services are complimentary in our SEO plans. We go the extra mile so that you can see real results. If you need an extra hand to start ranking in your local search queries, let’s schedule a call with our CEO to discuss the details.

SEO Copywriting Services

Content plays a huge role in the on-site SEO portion of our affordable SEO packages. 

We deliver an SEO copywriting service that can make Google fall in love with your website. 

We are self-proclaimed content geeks, so you’ll be in good hands.

Writing high-quality content that is optimized for search engines takes expertise and talent. 

That’s why Cloud9 is home to content writing professionals from all over the world who generate content in English, Armenian, and French.

SEO auditing services

The first step for SEO and any marketing service for that matter is auditing. 

We need to assess the current state of your website to understand what aspects need improvement. 

Only after running a complete SEO audit service on your website do we start performing our magic.

Whether your website is new or has been around for a while, you’ll need an expert’s touch to start figuring out next steps. 

Cloud9’s affordable SEO packages include complementary SEO auditing services to get you started on the right foot.

Conversion Rate Optimization Services (CRO)

Bringing in traffic is one thing, but if you’re running an e-commerce business, you’re going to need a website that’s optimized for turning traffic into sales. 

This is where our Conversion Rate Optimization service (CRO) comes to save the day.

Our affordable SEO packages include a number of CRO features that’ll help you get the most out of every visitor. 

Nevertheless, if you want a more holistic approach, we recommend you check out our e-commerce marketing services.

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As a boutique agency, we have created convenient and useful SEO packages for small businesses. From the basic essentials to conversion-boosting tactics, we got you covered.

Rank high with the right keywords & content

🚀Any term that users search on Google is a keyword. It’s our responsibility to optimally utilize the right keywords for your business and get your website on the first page of the search results.

Content is king at all times, but it is more than that for SEO. It’s one of the major ranking factors for Google. So, you’re going to need high quality content as a bare minimum to be recognized by search engines… And no, you can’t copy someone else’s content… it would be considered as duplicate content & the authorities will be knocking on your door.

We are content geeks at Cloud9. That’s what empowers us to optimize your website with useful content that’ll check all the boxes Google throws our way.

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User intent cannot be neglected

When people search for terms on Google, they have a specific mission. There are 4 user intent categories you should know – informational, transactional, commercial, and navigational.

All of these types of searches must be considered when trying to rank for a keyword. Usually, it’s easy to understand the intent behind a search because the search engine answers will tell you. Simply type the term in the search box and see what comes up.

If you’re searching for educational topics, you’ll usually see blogs with relevant info. If you’re searching for a product, you’ll see product pages of relevant websites. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Want to find out what intent your users have when searching for keywords? Let’s chat.

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Affordable SEO packages for niche industries

Working with the right SEO tactics is crucial for your success. You don’t want to get penalized and affect your rankings for a long time. That’s why you should work with experts who know the ins and outs of your niche.

SEO is not a race, it’s a marathon, and we want to help you stay ahead of your competition for the long haul. You need at least 6 months to start seeing SEO results, so you should get it right from the get-go.

We work with select industries to ensure our expertise is as sharp as it gets. Working with an agency has tons of benefits, so read on through to find out if we’re a good match.

SEO for
tech companies

We love working with tech companies. 

The industry of tech is close to our heart and expertise. 

We love bringing infinite results to our clients, which is why we choose our partners carefully, making sure that we are a good match for them and they are for us.

The tech world mainly exists digitally, which is why SEO is such an important tool for tech companies. 

Our affordable SEO packages are optimized for businesses in tech, be it software, hardware, SaaS, or anything else.

If you are running a tech company and looking for an SEO partner to work hard for your success, let’s have a chat.

SEO for

The sphere of e-commerce is a team-favorite for us. All our affordable SEO packages are optimized for e-commerce stores, which is why we love bringing in more and more sales for our clients. You may sleep carefree, knowing that by the end of each month, Cloud9 will be appearing in your inbox, reporting all the important KPIs with pride.

Since the e-commerce industry is based on digital solutions, SEO is a service that can become the primary source of promotions for your business. You’ll get more traffic, leads, and sales. And isn’t that the goal of any business?

If you’re searching for an e-commerce marketing partner that will keep their promises and take you to cloud nine, let’s have a call.

SEO for

Getting bookings on your properties is made easier with a proper SEO strategy. 

Ultimately, if you target the right keywords and create a trustworthy user experience, you’ll get more traffic and more leads than ever before.

Having worked with real estate companies from all over the world, we have extensive expertise in the field of hotel marketing. 

Our affordable SEO packages will delight both your budget and your leads.

If you’re looking for a knowledgeable partner for the promotion of your hotel or other properties, we get your back. 

Let’s talk and figure out if we’re a good fit.

SEO for

The fashion industry is a competitive market with many giants all over the world. That’s why you’re going to need a powerful SEO and marketing strategy to stand out in the crowd. Just like our e-commerce marketing services, our affordable SEO packages will get the job done right.

Having an experienced SEO agency by your side will quite simply make your life easier, helping you reach the tops of ranking pages. 

The promise of our brand is to make our clients feel like they’re on cloud nine. That’s why you won’t ever have to worry about rankings, bringing in customers, and your bottom line.

If you’re running an online store for fashionistas all over the world, let’s have a chat to find out if we’re a match.

responsive website with affordable SEO packages

📲 Having a mobile-first philosophy when optimizing a website is key to future-proofing your website.

Our affordable SEO packages are driven by data and expertise, giving you the cloudy experience of a result-oriented partner like Cloud9

✅ Benefits of our affordable SEO packages

Our efforts at Cloud9 are driven by results. We aim to justify your SEO investment. In other words, we aim to show you that it’s an investment rather than an expense.

In terms of benefits, our affordable SEO packages bring in traffic and lead to your website like nothing else. In fact, the cost-benefit ratio of our SEO efforts are unbeatable. Let us explain.

Traffic, traffic, traffic

The main goal of SEO is to bring in relevant organic traffic to your website. With the right SEO strategy, your traffic will keep growing month over month indefinitely. You’ll start ranking higher and higher for more and more keywords. This is how you’ll see actual results from your investment in SEO.

We track and report traffic KPIs on a monthly basis, including organic, paid, social, and other types of traffic.

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Build your brand’s authority

With a website that is optimized for search engines, your brand’s authority will reach the skies. You’ll come off as trustworthy and established. You’re going to need a powerful combination of services from design and good content to backlinks and site speed.

Your monthly marketing report will include KPIs like domain authority, branded keywords, backlinks, and so much more.

More and more leads

Let’s be honest – the goal of your business is to generate more leads, which you will later turn into loyal customers. SEO feeds this mission by boosting your visibility. By reaching a wider audience, your business will be able to generate more leads.

When it comes to sales and leads, the KPIs we track and report vary for every business. From the number of users who make an order to those who click the “contact us” button, you’ll see all the relevant info for your business in our monthly report 🫶

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Enhance your user experience

📈 The goal of SEO isn’t only to bring you more traffic. Actually, SEO also aims to deliver a perfect experience to any user that visits your website. You’ll leave an amazing impression and delight your visitors, making them trust and maybe even love your brand.

Our used experience KPIs are both quantitative and qualitative. We consider everything from design and layout to site speed and average session time.

Build a long-term source of promotions

SEO takes a long time to show results, but the effect of this tool lasts longer than any other platform. An optimized website that ranks for hundreds of keywords turns into a 24/7 source of promotion with no additional cost.

The long-term KPIs we track include traffic, backlinks, # of keywords your site ranks for, impressions, and more.

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Perfect your sales funnel

SEO is an inbound marketing tool that helps your website reach customers who are ready to convert. Ultimately, this enhances your sales funnel by bringing in already qualified leads. An optimized sales funnel also means that you get more conversions and more sales.

The KPIs that we track in this category include conversion rates for each step of your funnel.

laptop that says 10x

👉🏼 While social media is a great source for bringing in users to your website and possibly making a sale, SEO is the clear winner for the job. 

If you’re looking for a marketing service that’ll promote your business 24/7 with no variable cost, our affordable SEO packages will do the trick.  

Why do you need affordable SEO packages?

Doing SEO requires expert skills and knowledge of trends. Marketing is an industry that changes very fast and ranking factors may change from time to time. It’s important to be on top of new trends and adjust your strategy accordingly. That’s why it’s better to trust the pros with such complex work.

Cloud9’s affordable SEO packages give you all the necessary services to boost your website on search engines.

You’ll get more traffic, reach the people who want to find you, as well as the people who weren’t looking for you but are glad to find you. Here are a couple of reasons why outsourcing SEO and working with an agency is the best possible choice.

Boost website

Being easy to find on Google says a lot about your brand and Search Engine Optimization will get you there. 

With an optimized website, you’ll reach a wider audience and become very easy to find online.

SEO helps you build up your domain authority, rank for relevant keywords, and strengthen your online presence. 

Ultimately, it makes sure your website shows up when people search for it.

Get the most out of your investment

Having a presentable website shows the world that you know what you’re doing. 

And the way to get there is by working with industry professionals.

If you’re debating whether to hire an in-house specialist or work with an agency, consider these benefits of working with an agency.

  • No day-to-day management
  • 4 specialists for the price of 1
  • Bigger knowledge base & tons of experience

Get more sales than ever

Having an optimized website means that your sales funnel will result in more conversions. 

As a whole, SEO ensures that your website is optimized for turning traffic into sales.

SEO also makes sure that your website is bringing in relevant traffic. 

This means that the people who find your website will already be interested in what you’re selling. It’s easier to turn relevant visitors into loyal customers.


Robert Sharp Founder

I've worked with many agencies before but none of them delivered real results as the Cloud9 team did. Loved working with them. A real Cloud9 experience.

Shahe Director

The team at Cloud9 did an amazing job with reaching our digital marketing goals. We worked with them from start to finish, including our Branding, SMM, creating a sales strategy, and they were always on time. They do professional work with high standards, and I've already recommended them to other companies.

Nanor Tangoukian Founder & CEO

I enjoyed working with Cloud9 very much. It was refreshing because of the different outlook, direction, and strategy they had on social media marketing. I would highly recommend it to those in need of uniqueness and professionalism.

Let us show you why our clients stay happy.​

3️⃣ tips for choosing the right boutique SEO agency for you

1. Work with an industry expert

Most boutique SEO agencies specialize in a couple of industries. Working with an agency that has experience in your field is the best course of action because they’ve already been doing the research from day 1.

Instead, choose a partner that knows the ins and outs of your work. This way, you’ll execute on a strategy that is backed up by knowledge.

2. Make sure you like their content

Content is a HUGE part of SEO. Besides the technical aspects of an agency’s work, you need to make sure that the content they generate will work for you.

Nobody likes to read boring text and give millions of comments. As a business owner, you need to work with a team that pleases you with their written content.

3. Trust the numbers

SEO takes time, that’s not a secret. Nevertheless, agencies will show you the numbers they’ve achieved for their clients (and themselves). The numbers chico, they never lie.

Check an agency’s website and you’ll be able to tell if they can rank high. If they did it for themselves, they can definitely do it for you.

FAQs about affordable SEO packages

There are many free and paid SEO tools available online for anyone to use. These tools also vary in the services they offer. If you’re looking to get basic info about a keyword or a domain, you can use free trials provided by SEMrush (10 search opportunities per day), Ahrefs, or Ubersuggest

Finding the best tools to use for your website depends on your needs. As for pricing, you can get away with using free tools up to a certain point. After that, paid tools can give you much more insight into your SEO results.

SEO package prices vary depending on the services they include (on-site, technical, off-site, local SEO), the level of expertise and experience that the agency holds, and many other factors. You can find affordable SEO packages for small businesses that won’t break the bank, but keep in mind that it’ll take some time to start bringing in results. 

SEO package pricing also depends on the country where the agency is located. For example, consider these ranges for the following 3 countries:

  • Canada – $2,500 – $7,000
  • US – $1,800 – $5,000
  • Armenia – $600 – $1,500 (Let us send you an offer for our affordable SEO packages)

YES, If you’re looking to turn your website into a long-term promotional engine that will bring in users from all over the world at all times, SEO is the way to go. In terms of cost-benefit, the benefits outweigh the prices of SEO packages by a mile. If you invest in it once, you’ll see results forever. 

Choosing affordable SEO packages to get started is a smart decision. Nevertheless, you should only trust your website to professionals. If a package is priced too low, the results might harm your website in the long run. 

SEO is a long-term investment, and after spending so much and waiting so long, you might end up not seeing any results even after 6 months. That’s why you should work with the right agency from the get-go. After all, you don’t want to invest in something for 6 months only to find out that it was for nothing.

If you’re looking for an SEO partner that’ll be dedicated to your growth, let’s have a chat.

If you have the time and resources to learn the skill, you can. It takes years to master this sphere and it’s unlikely that it’ll be worth it. Instead, you can look into outsourcing SEO services and choose to trust the experts.

Doing SEO by yourself is hard to say the least. The alternative is not a bad option either. Many agencies like us offer affordable SEO packages for small businesses. If you’re looking for an SEO partner, let’s chat. Who knows, you just might love the work we do.

There are over 200 ranking factors that play a role in landing your website on the first page of Google. Nevertheless, the 3 main pillars of SEO are on-site SEO, off-site SEO, and technical SEO. 

On-site SEO relates mainly to the keywords and content you put out on your website. This is the main way Google understands your topical authority and the purpose of your website.

Off-site SEO relates to the authority your website has outside of your pages. Ultimately, it comes down to the backlinks you build. If your website is mentioned on other authoritative sites, you get more credibility, which, in numerical terms, is depicted in your website’s domain authority.

Technical SEO refers to the optimization of a website from the back end. Essentially, Google needs to see that your website meets the technical requirements of search engines. From your sitemap to site speed, there are many factors that go into technical SEO.

SEO is a huge topic. That’s why identifying only one golden rule is tough. Here are a couple of SEO golden rules we follow:

  • Optimize for humans, not search engines. 
  • Do your research. Get to know the topic. That’s where real keywords come up.
  • Never pay for backlinks.
  • Never use content that isn’t original.

There are many reports that prove the importance of SEO. We’ve picked the top 5 stats for SEO so that you don’t have to look any further:

  • Organic search is responsible for 53.3% of all site traffic. (BrightEdge)
  • Less than 1% of searchers click on the second page of Google results. (Backlinko)
  • On average, pages that rank in the top 10 are over 2 years old. (Ahrefs)
  • Only about 8% of terms people search on Google are questions. (Moz)
  • The top 3 results on Google get 54.4% of all clicks. (Backlinko)

Since SEO is a very wide field, it’s good to know which sub-services of SEO bring the most value. There are 3 essential services you need for SEO, which include on-site, off-site, and technical SEO. If you’re unfamiliar with SEO, let us put it in more simple terms. As a bare minimum for your SEO efforts, you need:

  • Keyword Research & Content Plan: As a new website with low domain authority, you can’t target keywords with a high SEO/keyword difficulty. So, you need to pick and choose your battles. Find some niche keywords that have a relatively high search volume and a low Keyword difficulty (preferably lower than 40-50). Then, you’ll need to create a content strategy that’ll serve as a guide to incorporate the keywords into your website and start ranking.
  • Link Building: To show Google that your website is legit and deserves to rank high, your website needs to build up its domain authority. This is done through link building. But what is a backlink? Essentially, anytime another website links to you (through a hyperlink or simply a mention of your URL), this counts as a backlink. You can build backlinks through guest blogging, turning your unlinked brand mentions into hyperlinks, and other secret (but fair) strategies.
  • Site Speed and Sitemap: When it comes to technical SEO, you need to make sure that your website is fast. You can check your website’s Core Web Vitals here. Usually, optimizing the images you use on your website is all you’re going to need. As for the layout of your website, you can submit a sitemap to Google to make sure that your website is easier to crawl. 

Backlinks are otherwise known as inbound or incoming links. They are basically all the links on the internet that lead to a page on your website. They are good for SEO because they serve as a signal of your website’s and content’s relevance. They boost your credibility and increase your domain authority, which helps to rank higher on search engines.

Nevertheless, not all links have the same power. The links that are coming from websites with higher authority will give your website a bigger boost. So, backlink building isn’t only a numbers game, it’s also about quality.


😇Choosing an SEO agency for your business can be tough.

If you’re just starting out, it can be very hard to trust another team to do the right work for you. We’ve been there, we get it. Nevertheless, being able to delegate your work is a key to success.

Our mission at Cloud9 is to make our clients’ lives easier while getting them the best possible results.

We are a boutique agency, which means we take on fewer partners but we dedicate more time to each. If “hands-on” is a term you use often, let’s have a talk.

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