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Juicy content. SEO friendly text. User experience elevation. That’s what you get with Cloud9’s content geeks by your side.

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Content has the power to change anyone's mind

Let’s be honest – the world is moving forward, and if you don’t want to fall behind, you’re going to need to adapt. Luckily, content marketing is very easy to get used to.

Your website is your company’s website. Some have the power to travel the world and others need a visa to go to another country. 

Website content writing services can get you the golden ticket to just about anywhere.

What’s included in Cloud9
website content writing services

Website content is a big umbrella term for different types of text and visuals on your website. When it comes to our services, here’s what you need to know.

The important points to having an ideal website content is when the website is easy to navigate, has branded visuals, and a tone of voice that matches your brand.

Storytelling content about your brand

Presenting your brand in the right way is crucial for any website. If you visit a website and can’t figure out what it’s about, you’ll simply leave. 

So, you’re going to need expert website content writing services to spell out every detail in the right position for your brand.

You can have ChatGPT generate your content, but do you think robots can be more authentic and emotional than humans? Can they tell a story better than a human? 

An AI model is less likely to know your brand like our content geeks can.

Layout &

Understanding the layout of your web content is like building the foundation for your home. 

If you do it right, the content will serve you for years to come. 

We focus on readability, SEO, UX, and user engagement.

People don’t read everything on your website, they simply skim through. So, you need hard-hitting headlines to convert them. 

Plus, you’ll enhance your site’s navigation, improving your UX and engagement.

Landing page content writing services

Creating landing pages is a sure-fire way to bring in a niche, targeted audience that knows what it wants. If you’re selling a service, having at least 1 landing page for each service is a must.

With our website content writing services, you get a polished document with all the necessary text, layouts, directions for developers, and much more. 

Plus, we take SEO into account with every word we type. From accurate headings and well-timed CTAs, you’ll have the skeleton of your landing pages ready in a matter of a week.

Blog content writing services

Blogs are crucial for the optimization of any website. Not only do you rank higher and bring in more traffic through blogs, but you also get to showcase your expertise to potential clients.

Here’s what a standard blog content writing workflow looks like:

1. Brainstorming ideas for topics

2. Keyword research for SEO purposes

3. Draft #1 is written by our content gurus

4. Editors polish it to perfection

5. The blog is posted to your website with appropriate visuals

Website SEO copywriting services

Pushing out content to your website without taking SEO into account is like eating junk food – you sate your hunger but nutrition is nowhere to be found. 

In other words, SEO-unfriendly content simply doesn’t do the job right.

All our website content writing services are powered by SEO keyword research that guides our content gurus. 

This way, you’ll push out relevant content to your website and make it easy for people to find it. 

It’s all about keywords, attractive headlines, and authenticity.

Product description writing services

Writing content for an e-commerce website is a completely separate section in website content writing services. 

From product descriptions to product page optimization, the type of content is shifted to short-form.

Product descriptions need to be entertaining, informative, but also sales-oriented to nudge the reader toward clicking that “buy now” button. At the same time, they need to be subtle. 

If you’re selling a dress, the description needs to be sexy. If you’re selling food, the description needs to be mouthwatering.

Explore our website content writing pricing plans

As a boutique marketing agency, our website content writing packages are priced fairly. We operate based on integrity, not profits. With the quality we provide, you’ll see that our packages are more affordable than others.

Cloud9 is home to native English and Armenian speakers who can generate tone-specific content for your website. Let us show you the way.

69% of marketers value creative & useful content over email & PR

👉🏼 Content is king, and it’s not debatable in this new era of marketing. If over ⅔ of marketers believe that amazing content is superior to other marketing tactics, the statement truly holds its value.

In reality, content has the power to induce emotions for the reader. And emotions are the way to get people to hit that order button, like your post, and more.

Website content writing services
for niche industries

As a versatile content marketing agency, we specialize in many industries and focus on providing higher value to fewer clients. Since our expertise lies in tech, e-commerce, fashion and beauty, pet accessories, and small businesses, we prefer working with these industries.

If you’d like to learn more about our work and see if we’re a good fit for you, get in touch with us or schedule a call with our CEO.

Content writing
for tech

Tech companies need to exude a sharp and smart tone of voice, we get it. 

Our content gurus are trained to deliver custom website content writing services in the tone of voice that suits your brand.

If your company is more friendly and funny, our masterminds can make your content funny. 

If you need a more authoritative voice, we can be as strict and data-driven as it gets. Take your pick 😉

Content writing
for e-commerce

E-commerce is a team-favorite topic at Cloud9. We love writing sales-oriented content for our partners. 

If you’re selling clothes, we write content that inspires your buyers to refresh their wardrobe. If you’re selling food, the content we write will definitely make your readers’ mouths water.

Our e-commerce content services include anything from product descriptions and blog posts to landing page content and email marketing texts.

Content writing
for fashion & beauty

Whether you’re looking to drive more engagement or bring in more sales, our expert website content writing services will help achieve your goals. For fashion and beauty, all website content is crucial in bringing sales. With the right words, you can convince anyone to hit that “add to cart” button.

As a data-driven and KPI-oriented company, we strive to deliver the best results possible, surprising you with amazing numbers at the end of each month.

Content writing for small businesses

Copywriting website content for small businesses is crucial in gaining traction and bringing in those loyal customers.

Your content can be the element that sets you apart from the competition and simply makes your customers fall in love with your brand. 

Writing the content for your home page and blogs is an initial hurdle that needs to be done right. 

It’ll determine whether you will start ranking high on search engines and bring in organic traffic.

Content writing for pet accessories

The pet accessories industry is a creative space where you must woo your customers to bring in sales.

You can’t be sharp, you need to sound friendly and relatable. We get it.

Fun fact: most of our team members are pet owners, so we know how to craft pawesome content that makes your customers compelled to purchase all your products for their furry friends.

Check out or team of furry buddies below.

Cloud9 Pets
Visuals + text content = an unbeatable combo written in an imac mockup

👉🏼 As the 2 main ways to convey messages, visuals and text content have an unbeatable synergy. They are able to induce unspeakable emotions and transfer meaning beyond literal words.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but is it really? At Cloud9, we believe that content has the power to turn customers loyal and make anyone hit that purchase button. Want to see how?

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What types of content do we write?

Website content writing services contain many different types of content. From landing pages and articles to white papers and product descriptions, this category is very comprehensive.

Landing page content

While blogs help you share educational content, landing pages aim to bring in conversions. 

Landing page content is optimized with CTAs and specific deals for a certain service. 

They also help you in terms of SEO by giving you an opportunity to rank for different types of keywords.

Writing content for landing pages is a science that is best practiced by content writers or geeks like ourselves. 

When done right, you can target specific audiences and customize your tone to fit their needs.

Blog post content

Blog posts are a big part of website content writing services. They help bring in more traffic, rank for more keywords, and boost the overall exposure of your website to organic visitors. They also help showcase your expertise, thereby instilling trust in readers.

Our blog posts and articles are backed by tons of research and a team of content geeks that is trained to produce engaging content. At the end of the day, blogs will help you reach more people, bring in relevant audiences, and enhance your authority on search engines.

As a content marketing agency, we run a blog ourselves, which helps us both in terms of SEO and for establishing ourselves as a trustworthy source.

Product descriptions

Product descriptions are key to product page optimization in ecommerce marketing

Not only do they give the right info about each product and help customers make an informed decision, but they also help with optimizing your website for search engines. 

They can also help you stand out from the competition and instill trust in your customers.

When optimized to perfection, product descriptions can help your potential customers find your products easier and bring in organic traffic. 

This traffic, in turn, can turn into sales.

a bunch of letters for website content writing services

Read your heart out with our website copywriting services

👉🏼Content is supposed to be easy to read. The reader’s eyes should glide across the letters without any hassle, and that’s what professional website copywriting services are for.

Want to engage your audience to the max and establish your brand as the content king? We’ve got a trick or two up our sleeves, so drop us a line to peek behind our curtains.

✅ Benefits of Cloud9 website content writing services

Choosing an agency for your website content writing services is tough. Why should you choose us? There will always be a more affordable option, but quality is a top priority at Cloud9.

We will be your ultimate customer. That way, we will get into the psychology of your customer and know exactly what they want. Marketing and psychology are closely related, so we will take that extra time to immerse ourselves in the reality that every niche industry lives in.

On top of that, here are the 3 additional benefits you can expect from our website content writing services.

We speak (and write) your language

Our content gurus speak your language, both literally and figuratively. Firstly, we are home to native English and Armenian speakers. And secondly, we know how to fine tune the tone of our content to please the hearts and minds of your customers.

We are able to adopt any tone of voice and apply it to our website content writing services. If you need a friendly tone, we got your back. If you need a sharp and authoritative tone, we are unequivocally at your service.

two people standing next to each other with tone of voice words written around them

The perfect balance between price & quality

As an Armenian marketing agency, we are affordable, yet deliver a world-class quality service. Cloud9 is home to content writers from all over the world.

Professional content writers in the US charge up to $1.00 per word. In Canada, this cost can be somewhere around $0.50. Why would you pay extra for a service that you can get from native speakers for around $0.35? Get in touch with us to learn more about our pricing plans for website content writing

SEO is a priority at Cloud9

If you’re paying for website content writing services, you might as well get a website that is SEO friendly to start with. Content that is not SEO-friendly will eventually need to be replaced. So, instead of doing the same thing twice, the right choice is to get it right from the get-go.

The content we produce is backed by data and will most definitely bring in new organic traffic to your website. At the end of the day, great content isn’t worth much if people can’t find it.

ROX x13 keyboard for website content writing services

👉🏼 Blogging is an indirect tool for driving sales. It brings new, organic, and relevant traffic to your website. Plus, it helps you establish yourself as a trustworthy source. Thus, your sales funnel is shortened by a mile.

If you’re looking to boost your visibility and potentially bring in more sales, get in touch. Our CEO is very hands-on with new partners, and she would love to discuss possible channels and whether or not blog writing is the best way to go for you.

✅ Why do you need website content writing services?

If you’ve trusted someone with a task, you expect the best results. That’s why we always give more than we take from our partners.

The value of website content writing services is immeasurable, but we’ll narrow it down to 3 points.

Convey your brand’s tone

The content on your website must reflect the tone of your brand. 

Inconsistency in brand messaging can break the trust you’re working so hard to build with your customers. 

We deliver website content writing services that are customized to your audience and your brand – giving you the right tone you need to entice your audience.

If you don’t have a specific tone for your brand, our experts can help you out. 

Don’t worry, it’ll be on the house. Drop us a quick email and we’ll tell you all about it.

Hook visitors in with a couple words

From the moment someone enters your website, you have 15 seconds to grab their attention. If they’re not hooked from the get-go, you’ll lose a possible customer. That’s why every piece of content on your website is crucial to the effective operation of your business.

With attention spans of people getting shorter and shorter, it’s becoming harder and harder to entice new audiences. This is where website content writing services come in to save the day!

The layout of your website is crucial as well. If a potential customer skims through your website and understands what it’s about, it’s definitely a win.

Rank high with SEO-friendly content

SEO-friendly website content is key to bringing in more traffic and possibly gaining new customers. 

With content that is backed by expert keyword research services, you can be sure that you’re getting the most out of it.

Not only do you get to rank higher and become easier to find, but you also cut down your sales funnel by a ton. 

If you rank high, people will visit your website with an innate trust towards your brand.


Robert Sharp Founder

I've worked with many agencies before but none of them delivered real results as the Cloud9 team did. Loved working with them. A real Cloud9 experience.

Shahe Director

The team at Cloud9 did an amazing job with reaching our digital marketing goals. We worked with them from start to finish, including our Branding, SMM, creating a sales strategy, and they were always on time. They do professional work with high standards, and I've already recommended them to other companies.

Nanor Tangoukian Founder & CEO

I enjoyed working with Cloud9 very much. It was refreshing because of the different outlook, direction, and strategy they had on social media marketing. I would highly recommend it to those in need of uniqueness and professionalism.

Let us show you why our clients stay happy.​

FAQs about website content writing services

Content writing services is the process of creating textual and graphical content for any type of website. It can apply to:

  • Home page content
  • Landing pages
  • Blogs
  • Product descriptions

In a sentence: A combination of SEO friendly text with a simple layout & branded visuals.

Writing the right content from the get-go can make or break your success both in terms of sales and ranking on search engines like Google. But sometimes, writing 1000 product descriptions can be too much for one person to handle. On the other hand, content writing experts will always do it better than anyone else.

Professional website writers can provide high-quality, engaging, and optimized content that can help improve your website’s rankings to ultimately drive conversions & revenue.

If you lack the time or expertise to create effective content, then finding a trustworthy agency would be a worthwhile investment. Start by scheduling a call and you’ll know if it’s a fit right away.

Several factors determine the cost of website content writing services. For example, the cost of content for a landing page will be higher than the cost for a blog post. The length of the content also plays a big role in the pricing of website content writing services. Factors that come into play here are:

  • Length of content
  • Product complexity
  • Whether visual design is included or not
  • Level of expertise of the writer
  • Type of content (product description, service pages, blogs, etc.)

Usually, you can expect to pay content writers on the basis of the word count. Usually, you can expect to pay $0.10- $0.50 per word. Different agencies charge either hourly, or per word/page. In our case, we charge by word or offer a package deal to make it more affordable for our longer term partners.

If you’d like to know more about the cost of website content writing services at Cloud9, don’t hesitate to drop us an email.

Content writing and copywriting services are very similar in that they both produce text that needs to convey some sort of message. However, website content writing services are for the creation of informational content while copywriting aims to generate marketing copy. In other words, content writing aims to inform the reader, while copywriting aims to convince the reader to take action.

Content writing is for websites, blog posts, product descriptions, and more. Copywriting is for ads, social media posts, and branding.

Good website content is when the written and visual elements are well-organized, easy to navigate, and optimized for search engines. Copywriting needs to be targeted to the right audience and have a tone that suits their day-to-day talks.

SEO content writing services fall under a category of website content writing services, but they’re superior in their ability to rank high on search engines. This type of website content is written with relevant keywords in mind. 

We complete thorough keyword research to produce attainable and effective keywords for your brand, then we create content that matches this report. This way, your content will rank high on search engines, and you’ll start getting organic traffic from more relevant audiences.

If you want to learn more about our SEO services or how we carry our SEO content writing, get in touch with us or schedule a call with our CEO soon.


😇 As a website content writing agency, Cloud9 delivers a superior experience for all its partners. Our goal is to turn our work into an effective collaboration that feels like you’re on cloud nine. We write content that sells and we’re easy to work with. What more could you want?

As a forward-thinking company, it’s our job to stay up to date on content trends. You’re going to need a helping hand to guide you through the journey of content marketing for your brand.

Get to know us a little better by hearing from our masterminds. Request a proposal, and we’ll give you an audit on the house, including a rating of your existing content, brand, and the possibilities for your brand to grow.

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