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Social Media Marketing Packages to Take You Viral

55% of consumers discover new brands on social platforms. As for us, we build customer relationships and long-lasting loyalty on socials with affordable social media marketing packages.

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Gen Z - Approved Social Media Strategies for Your Business

We grew up on social media. We know what it takes to go viral. In other words, we know social media like the back of our hand.

For our boutique social media agency, staying on top of trends comes naturally. That’s why working with us feels like paradise. We are a team of young professionals, and we do our homework 🥰

What’s in our social media marketing packages?

The short answer is – you get to not worry about your socials and goals. The long answer is – we give you the full package of content, designs, audience engagement, social media ads, IG stories, custom strategies per platform & industry, and more.

Let’s dissect our social media marketing packages for you to see the true insights.

Storytelling content by our copywriters

Our content geeks love telling stories. And we promise – they’re worth listening to.

With our storytelling tactics, your customers will not just see a post here and there. 

Instead, they’ll be led through a journey of getting to know your brand, values, philosophy, loving you, and becoming loyal.

Content is what we do. See for yourself with a free custom strategy by Cloud9.

Custom strategies
for all platforms

To succeed on different platforms, you’ll need to know the special ways the algorithm rewards pages.

With Instagram, you need to build relationships, engage with your followers. Pinterest needs killer visuals. LinkedIn relies on the network and preferences of users.

Our tried and tested methods help you get on the good side of any social platform algorithm. Want to see for yourself? Give us a call and let’s talk about a targeted strategy to achieve your goals.

Dreamy visuals by our designers

Your visual content on social media controls your followers’ moods (even just for a millisecond). Plus, our brains process images 60,000 times faster than words. Isn’t it fascinating? 

Our brains were made for visual information.

That’s why your business should focus on delivering amazing visuals. 

That’s why we go above and beyond to make dreamy visuals that are worth smiling at.

Social media ads
wider reach

When you’re tapping into a new market or even just going deeper into an old one, you’re going to need some help. 

Enter: social media ads.

Advertising on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other platforms will help you reach those who are most likely to need your products.

We know what you’re thinking: what about social media ads costs? With Cloud9, you get a custom strategy with a recommended ad budget to reach your goals. In other words, you can trust the experts to work in your favor and deliver desirable ROIs.

IG Stories to let the customers into the brand

Instagram stories is the place for authenticity. As one of the core pillars of Cloud9’s culture, we make sure to represent your brand the way it is.

With day-to-day stories, you can let your audience see your company from a different angle. 

This is exactly where you can help them start relating to your brand.

Let your followers see your company as a separate entity – one that has a personality, preferences, little quirks, emotions, and maybe even a bit of vulnerability.

Audience engagement to build customer relationships

Social media is the place to be social. Engaging and communicating with your audience is a key to success.

Although many agencies don’t include it in their social media marketing packages, we do. Why? Because we know social media algorithms by heart.

We don’t focus on getting more followers – we focus on building relationships. This authenticity triggers organic growth like you’ve never seen before.

At the end of the day, your customers will know that the brand is a real entity, and they’ll love you more for it.

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Social media marketing packages for all platforms

Do you know why people love using social media so much? It’s because those small bits of unpredictable information give them a rush (otherwise known as Dopamine). Every time they refresh their feed, there’s something new and entertaining to see 👀

You should also know that people go on different platforms with different purposes. With this in mind, Cloud9’s expert team crafts a custom strategy to be used for your brand for each platform.

Let’s dive deeper and see what platforms our social media marketing packages support.

Instagram social media marketing packages

Looking for organic growth? Instagram is the place to be. Our experts know exactly what content your business needs to post to reach relevant audiences.

Instagram marketing is of utmost importance, which is why most agencies include it in their social media marketing packages.

The Instagram algorithm is based on relationships between users. 

With this in mind, we take the necessary steps to signal to Instagram that you are connected to your followers – prompting the platform to show your posts to them more often.

Facebook social media marketing packages

Facebook is the place for communities. It’s a place where users come to get advice, gather around something they like, plus discover new brands they didn’t know they needed. 

On top of all that, Facebook is the best platform for social media ads. 

You can target users by their demographic, psychographic, and behavioral characteristics. You can reach any audience you want.

Facebook marketing is a core feature included in our social media marketing packages, even if you’re targeting the elders who post adorable pictures on Facebook.

LinkedIn social media marketing packages

This platform works for specific types of brands. 

If you’re looking to do employer branding, market yourself as an individual creator, generate more B2B sales or collaborations, LinkedIn could work for you.

LinkedIn’s algorithm relies on your network and interests for serving you content. 

That’s why LinkedIn marketing is a more hands-on process.

Get in touch and you’ll get a custom strategy by Cloud9 before choosing your social media marketing package.

Youtube social media marketing packages

YouTube is the ultimate platform for video content. 

While TikTok takes the cake for short-form video content, YouTube is still a major player that hosts a specific audience looking for specific topics.

Whether it be educational videos, podcasts, employer branding content, or else, we got your back. 

We understand the platform, its need for powerful titles, viewer psychology regarding content length, and more.

If you’re looking for social media packages for growing on YouTube, you’re in the right place.

Pinterest social media marketing packages

While at first glance Pinterest might seem like a simple platform for discovering beautiful pictures, it is actually so much more than that. 

In terms of e-commerce, Pinterest is one of the best gateways for bringing traffic to your online store.

The knowledge of these game-changing tactics is what gives us the upper hand on the marketing front. 

Our methods have been proven to work, and we’re ready to leverage them for your success.

Want to tackle the visual goldmine that is Pinterest? Let’s chat.

Twitter social media marketing packages

Twitter is the place for news, trending topics, entertainment, and personalities. If your brand doesn’t adopt a custom strategy for taking over Twitter, your chances for success on the platform will decrease.

Since Twitter is popular in specific locations over the world like the US and Japan, many social media marketing packages might not include this platform. Same goes for industries. Some e-commerce brands might not need to be active on Twitter.

If our gurus believe that Twitter will be useful for your brand, you’ll surely see it in our free strategy offer. Want to get yours? Reach out, and let’s chat.

Reach the right audience with viral social content

📈 The goal of social media platforms is to show its users what they want to see. Ultimately, to get your posts in front of your target audience, you need to produce and share content that they want to see. And the question that is left unanswered is: “why should someone follow your page over others?”

This is where you’ll need research and experience.

Go viral on social media

Having worked in many industries, we’ve gained the necessary expertise to guide your brand in the right direction. In other words, we’ve done our homework.

Research and testing are at the heart of everything we do. We get in the mindset of your target audience, and we learn about their nitty-gritty interests. Does it work? The short answer is yes. In the long version, we tell you the beer and diaper story.

The beer and diaper story

The beer and diaper story

The story of beer 🍺 and diapers 🍼 is an urban legend everyone should hear.

The story starts when Wal-Mart analyzes its data and discovers an unusual coincidence between the time people buy diapers and the time people buy beer.

But why do these events coincide?

The masses believe that when men do an end-of-day grocery trip, they pick up their beer, and then the wife calls and tells them to bring diapers home.

This gives Wal-Mart the idea to put these 2 items close together and their sales skyrocket. In reality, it wasn’t black and white like that, but there’s still a lot one can learn from the story!

Similar to the beer and diapers story, there are lots of complementary goods that can increase your sales and create up-selling and cross-selling opportunities for your brand.

Working smarter, not harder.

So, why did we tell you this story? Essentially, we wanted to show that marketing and sales are not about advertising and making beautiful visuals.

You shouldn’t play the game, you should listen and serve to your customers. At the end of the day, you can’t go wrong with a little human touch.

And that’s exactly what we do!

Build customer relationships with up-close and personal posts 💪🏼

Being authentic is the key to succeeding on social media. It’s even in the name – social media. You need to let your customers come backstage and get to know your brand for what it really is.

There is an exercise in branding, where you need to imagine your brand as a person, give them all types of characteristics and a personality. Social media platforms are where you can show off that personality and let people become friends with your brand.

<<Be more social on socials>> 🫶

There’s definitely a time and a place for this. Don’t worry, we got your back.

Instagram and Twitter are the 2 places where your authenticity can really shine. If you want to go a step further, you can also focus on real-time content – posting stories, streaming, lives etc.

If you’re still unsure of what your social media marketing packages should include, drop us a line and we’ll build a perfect plan specifically for you.

Viral content with social media marketing packages

Social media - the best gateway to boosting your online sales

Social media has created one hell of a platform for marketing your products and services. Whether you want to sell directly through Facebook or bring in a whole lot of traffic to your online store, social media platforms can help you get there.

🛒 Our social media marketing packages work well for e-commerce businesses, and that’s a tried & tested fact. Team Cloud9 loves to boost your sales!

Benefits of our social media marketing packages

Choosing the right social media agency for your business is tricky. That’s why we give you a custom strategy document before you make your final decision. Ultimately, you’ll know what you’re getting yourself into.

Other than a custom strategy, our cloudy team has a couple of advantages you’ll like. With Cloud9 social media marketing packages, you get:


Our boutique digital marketing team works with the end result in mind.

Before starting our journey, we identify and set KPIs with our clients. Once we set satisfactory goals and expectations, we get down to work.


As a boutique marketing agency, we are flexible regarding our clients’ needs. That’s why we give the option to customize your social media marketing packages the way that works best for you.

Ongoing consultation

You can think of Cloud9 as an extension of your company, working alongside you with the aim of achieving your goals. This means that we’ll be there to give you advice and guidance over any marketing matter at all times.

We are Instagram Pros!

If you’re looking to dominate the Instagram platform, we got your back.

With a carefully curated combination of great visuals, amazing copy, and consistent audience engagement, we use the IG algorithm in your favor.

Monthly Reporting

We love making our clients proud, which is why we love the 1st of the month. Sending monthly reports allows us to keep you in the loop of what we’re doing for your brand.

You can track your progress and see that marketing is not an expense – it’s an investment.

Affordable marketing

Many agencies out there offer very pricey social media marketing packages. Being a boutique agency based in Armenia allows us to deliver affordable marketing solutions and achieve great results. The secret ingredients we use are dedication, creativity, and authenticity.

Let’s instill trust in your users and help them choose your brand over others any day of the week 🫶

Iphone with product page on social media

Why do you need social media marketing services?

Understanding why you need social media marketing services is crucial to your brand’s success. After all, a brand in the 21st century simply MUST have an online presence to survive.

If you think your business is different and really doesn’t need to be online to ensure its success, here are 3 reasons why social media marketing is essential.

1. Build & maintain customer relationships

Have you heard of the saying: “The customer is always right?” Well, the quote has a lot of merit. In fact, your customers are the sole reason why your business continues to exist. It naturally follows that you should take care of your brand’s relationship with its customers.

🤝 Social media gives you the perfect platforms to engage and connect with your customers.

Believe it or not, a big part, if not the majority, of your customers are on social media. The trick to connecting with them is knowing how to find them, then using creative techniques to engage.

Social media marketing services give you the strategy to find and communicate with your audience. Plus, if you work with the right agency, your brand will learn to speak their language online.

Nurturing your customers will increase their loyalty, boost your sales, and maybe even make your audience fall in love with your brand. Isn’t that all the reason you need?

2. Increase your brand’s visibility

The first step to gaining a customer is getting them to learn about your brand. Even if there are millions of people who need your product, how will they become your customer if they don’t know your brand exists?

The power of social media should never be underestimated. There are almost 5 billion people who are on social media, which means your audience is definitely there 🏃

Grow your brand visibility with social media marketing packages

Let’s be honest – you want your brand to grow, right? Whether you’re looking to get more sales, get more people to attend your events, or listen to your podcast, you only stand to gain from being on socials.

The ideal way to boost your brand’s visibility is to go viral. Although it’s tough, it’s not impossible. Nevertheless, you can organically reach a wider audience through simply publishing valuable content. In other words, the algorithms will reward you for distributing useful content.

e-commerce sales are now easier than ever

3. Selling your products is easier than ever

Social media marketing has many benefits for brands, but the best benefit of all is the impact it has on their bottom line. Increasing sales through social media marketing is now a very common phenomenon. But how?

Being active on social media helps brands connect with their existing customers, thereby boosting their loyalty, and increasing repeat purchases.

☝️ But wait, there’s more.

Social media marketing actually makes your sales cycle shorter. Since you’ll already be nurturing leads on your socials, there will actually be fewer steps they must go through to convert.

With an easier way to get to know your brand, your cold leads will get warmer faster. In other words, they’ll pass through the awareness stage and reach the consideration stage of your sales funnel much quicker.

Selling on social media is also made easier through social ads. It’s no secret that people love to own things. Simply imagine that you’re in need of a backpack, and an ad with a beautiful backpack appears while you’re watching Instagram stories. Won’t it peak your interest?

If you want to learn more about boosting your sales through social media, let’s organize a call and discuss together.


Robert Sharp Founder

I've worked with many agencies before but none of them delivered real results as the Cloud9 team did. Loved working with them. A real Cloud9 experience.

Shahe Director

The team at Cloud9 did an amazing job with reaching our digital marketing goals. We worked with them from start to finish, including our Branding, SMM, creating a sales strategy, and they were always on time. They do professional work with high standards, and I've already recommended them to other companies.

Nanor Tangoukian Founder & CEO

I enjoyed working with Cloud9 very much. It was refreshing because of the different outlook, direction, and strategy they had on social media marketing. I would highly recommend it to those in need of uniqueness and professionalism.

Let us show you why our clients stay happy.

3️⃣ tips for choosing the right social media marketing packages for you

What platforms does your brand need to be active on? How many times a week should you post on Instagram? Do you need to run Facebook ads? The answers to these questions will help you understand what social media marketing packages your business needs.

So, how do you know when a social media package is the one for you? Here are Cloud9’s 3 tips:

Choose the right agency

Finding the right agency for your brand’s promotions is as important as it can get. The right agency will also help you understand the needs of your brand, thus helping you choose the perfect social media packages.

Note: A quick 20 minute call can clear up a lot of issues, so go ahead and talk to one of our team members.

If you’re new to marketing, you’ll need an agency that can hold your hand while you focus on your growth. Want to know if Cloud9 is the right fit for you? Drop us a line and we’ll get back to you with a custom proposal.

Identify and aim at your ultimate goals

In order to understand what results you want to see, you’ll need to understand your end goal.

If you’re looking to increase your sales, it means you’ll also need to improve your conversion rates and bring in more traffic. 

However, if you’re looking to increase your retention rate, you’ll need to run campaigns that increase your customer loyalty, thus increasing your repeat purchases.

Setting the right goals can pave the path for actually achieving them.

Trust the experts’ recommendations

Our 3rd tip for choosing the right social media marketing packages for your business is to listen to the experts. 

We know if Instagram is right for your brand and if posting 7 times a week is too much.

As marketing professionals, we’ve been in the game for very long. 

This is why our experience empowers us to recommend the optimal packages for your brand.

FAQs about social media marketing packages

As a boutique marketing agency, we customize almost all our social media marketing packages to fit our clients’ needs.

We get asked a lot of questions regarding our services and what can or cannot be included in social media marketing packages. So, we’ve decided to answer all your burning questions.

Different agencies offer very different social media marketing packages. Usually, they will include 5 main subservices:

  • Social media content creation (visuals and written content)
  • Social media scheduling
  • Community engagement
  • Social media advertising
  • Platform-specific strategizing

After this, there will be lots of add-ons based on your needs. Social media marketing packages can include anything from influencer marketing and reporting to photo / video shooting and editing.

At the end of the day, ideal social media packages aren’t set in stone. Instead, the right agency will consider your goals and needs, then customize a plan that’ll bring you most results.

Interested to learn more about what social media packages can include? Drop us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Social media marketing packages vary in price. First, each plan can include different subservices, resulting in a bigger or smaller sum.

Does your plan include 15 or 30 posts per month? How many platforms are at play? However, there is an approximate budget you should have in mind.

On average, agencies can charge anywhere from $500 upwards of $10,000 per month. The final price will vary depending on your needs, which determine the contents of your social media packages.

Advertising costs vary depending on the location, interests, and specifications of your audience. Social media ads costs are also different for different platforms.

You should also keep in mind that there is a testing period for determining an ideal advertising budget for your specific business. Nevertheless, an agency will recommend a starting amount based on their experience.

Your social media ads costs can range from $100 per month to tens of thousands. You should also keep in mind that the bigger your budget, the better your results will be. Thus, we need to land on a number that achieves your desired results in an efficient way.

We set advertising KPIs based on your business type. If you have an e-commerce business, we look at the ROAS (Return On Advertising Spend). If you have a B2B business, we track your conversions, and so on.

Each business has a different audience. Luckily, specific types of audiences visit specific social platforms. For example, LinkedIn is for professionals who are looking to network, find a job, or find an employee on the platform. Instagram is the place for a younger audience looking for entertainment, and so on.

Determining which social media platforms will work best for your brand can be done in 2 ways. Number 1, you test it out yourself and find the answer after months of trial and error. Or we recommend choosing option number 2, which is to get the help of a marketing agency.

Whether you choose to work with an agency simply for consulting or pick a customized social media marketing package for a wider range of services, you really can’t go wrong.


Trusting a social media agency with your brand’s online presence is no joke. We know that your brand is your baby, and Cloud9 is the best hot nanny you can hire 😇

At Cloud9, we take each and every process to the next level. We have a powerful team of experts who know the struggles of agencies, and Cloud9 was created to fix them.

Our goal is to set you up with the social media marketing packages that you feel most comfortable with. We’ll recommend the best for your business, because when you grow – we grow.

As a boutique marketing agency, we take responsibility for all our cherry-picked projects. We take care of our clients’ businesses as if they were our own.

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