Social Media Advertising Services

Social media advertising services that exceed KPIs

Sure, ads can be annoying, but they work. 

⅓ of digital advertising spending goes into social media. 97% of Fortune 500 companies rely on social media. In short, social media advertising services are something you simply need.

Social ads are amazing for growing your brand awareness, reaching new people, and even generating sales. Let’s set and reach your goals, one campaign at a time.

Social Media Advertising Services

📲 Seamlessly integrate your brand into the scroll

Scrolling to a social media advertisement

Social media ads naturally appear on a user’s feed. If they are relevant and timely, they will work. But how do you make sure you’re reaching the right people?

🧘It’s no secret that people go on social media to relax and turn off their mind and be entertained. Some ads can disrupt that experience and generate negative feedback. To avoid that situation, we make sure to target users who are most likely to be interested in your brand and show them content they will like.


Sometimes, social media advertising services are targeted so well that users start to think their phone can read their mind. Nevertheless, social platforms are not that complex. Instead, they work based on patterns.

If you’ve recently searched for a necklace, chances are you will see another necklace ad soon. Similarly, if you’re selling backpacks, you need to target users who have looked up backpacks in the past weeks.

Social media advertising services work based on interests, demographics, and other similar factors to aim your ad at specific types of users. Want to learn more about making your ads feel natural? Let’s have a chat.

What’s included in Cloud9 social media advertising services?

As a boutique advertising agency, we’ve created flexible and affordable advertising plans that get the job done right. Our social media advertising services include all essential sub-services of social advertising as well as additional perks. Our 8 services for social media ads are:

Campaign strategy creation

Planning and strategizing for a social media campaign is almost as important as its execution. If there’s no strategy behind your ads, the results will disappoint you. That’s why campaign strategy creation is a core sub-service at Cloud9.

Our campaigns revolve around telling a story. Every next post is connected to the one before it. The flow is natural and makes sense for the audience. Once the creative side is covered, we tackle the technicals.

Budgeting and mapping out our campaigns is a must at Cloud9. Every step of every campaign is transparent and calculated. 

The other side of the puzzle is being able to identify the pain point of the clients and building the strategy around just that

Ad content copywriting

We are content geeks. It’s as simple as that. 

We love writing ad copy and we love generating sales for our clients with it.

Cloud9 is home to amazing copywriters from all over the world who know how to sweet talk your customers into making a purchase.

The sequence of words we use has a strategy behind it. 

Our sentences are smooth like butter. 

Want to learn more about our content pros? Our CEO would love to jump on a quick call with you.

Visual design creation

As an Instagram advertising agency, we can’t help but focus on aesthetics. 

As an Instagram advertising agency, we can’t help but focus on aesthetics. Visual appeal is a top priority when it comes to advertising, and you need a secret ingredient to wow an audience.

You already know that a picture can be worth a thousand words. 

That’s why our graphic designers tell stories with their visuals, taking its viewers on a journey of thought.

From moodboards to color theory, we design visuals that deserve a second glance. Let’s talk.

Results monitoring and reporting

If you don’t monitor and learn from your achievements, you are missing out. Advertising data gives us insights that can improve current and future campaigns.

Having delivered top-tier social media advertising services for years, we know the patterns of advertising insights. We know what might be causing low click-through rates and we know how to fix it.

At Cloud9, reports are sent to our partners on a monthly basis. 

At Cloud9, reports are sent to our partners on a monthly basis. You will be reported on the KPIs we track, as well as other success metrics of campaigns, such as CPM, engagement rate, profile visits, reach, etc. 


Audience targeting is one of the critical keys of running a successful campaign. 

After all, if you’re not showing your content to the right audience, what’s the use?

Being a Facebook advertising agency means knowing Meta Ads like the backs of our hands. Audience targeting is the index finger. 

It points at the people who need to see your ads, and our aim is impeccable.

From demographics to psychographics, our experience has taught us how to find your target audience. 

Want to learn more about identifying and reaching your target groups? Let’s have a quick chat.

Campaign testing and optimization

Testing a campaign helps mitigate risk. It also helps better forecast the budget and resources we will need.

Social media advertising is definitely not a set-and-forget kind of service. 

That’s why optimization on an ongoing basis is another piece of the advertising puzzle. 

Bidding costs are always changing, and the data is there to be analyzed. 

For a fruitful campaign, attention must be paid.

Want to learn more about testing and optimizing advertising campaigns? 

Our CEO would love to jump on a quick call with you to discuss a possible collaboration.

Advertising campaign setups

Technical setup of campaigns is a core part of our social media advertising services. 

Our advertising specialists understand the required objectives and configure all the necessary features to run a campaign from start to finish.

It takes skill and experience to set up an advertising campaign in the most optimized way. Our clients trust us because we deliver results. Let us show you we mean business. 

Want to learn more about the technical aspects of advertising campaigns? 

Let’s have a chat about your advertising needs.

Dedicated account manager

Dedication to our partners is a priority at Cloud9. 

As a boutique advertising agency, we take on fewer clients, and we strive for long-term relationships. That’s why we assign a dedicated account manager for each of our partners.

Having a dedicated account manager means that you’ll always have 1 specialist as your contact point.

They handle every one of your campaigns, which empowers us to achieve the relevant KPIs.

Want to learn more about our social media advertising services with a dedicated account manager? Drop us a line and we’ll jump on a quick call to assess our compatibility.

Social media advertising services for all platforms

💸 Our paid social media advertising services extend over a wide range of platforms. Each of them have a different audience, and you need to follow your target groups wherever they go. The good news is, they can’t escape us.

Let us lead the way to cloud nine where ad costs are low and your target audience loves you.

Instagram Ads services

Instagram is an amazing advertising platform for modern brands. With the majority of its users being in the 18-35 age range, it’s an amazing place to reach Millennials and Gen Z users. The platform is also a powerful tool for driving e-commerce sales and boosting brand awareness. 

The audience on Instagram is younger and up to trends, just like our specialists. We live and breathe content, and we combine it with our expertise to generate relevant material for your target audience. 

Instagram is not just our job, it’s also our entertainment, so we can’t help but be up to trends 😉

Cloud9 is a skilled Instagram advertising agency. If you’re interested in learning more about our social media advertising services for Instagram, drop us a line.

Facebook Ads services

The potential reach of Facebook ads is 2.11 billion users. Most 35-44 year olds consider Facebook as their favorite social platform. 

Plus, the average conversion rate of Facebook ads is 9.21%. It is insights like these that drive our campaign strategies.

As a Facebook advertising agency, we know the platform’s advertising tools inside out. 

That’s why we are proactive in our advertising campaigns. We monitor the performance of ads 2 times/day to track any changes in CPM or other metrics.

Want to learn more about our social media advertising services for Facebook? Let’s talk and determine if Facebook is the right platform for your business.

LinkedIn Ads services

LinkedIn has a potential advertising reach of 828.1 million professionals. It serves as an amazing platform for B2B businesses, employers, and businesses with high-value targets.

Whether you’re looking to generate more leads or engage in employer marketing activities, LinkedIn is the place to be. 

Although the platform’s advertising costs are higher, its returns are higher as well. The LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a powerful tool for connecting and bringing in B2B clients for your business.

When it comes to social media advertising services for LinkedIn, we focus our work on tech companies. 

If your business falls into this category, let’s have a quick chat to see if we’re a good fit.

Youtube ads services

YouTube is the #1 platform for video content to this day. 95% of the internet population are considered its users. Its potential advertising reach is around 2.56 billion, so YouTube ads are a force to be reckoned with.

At Cloud9, we use the ABCD (attention, branding, connection, direction) ad strategy to boost your sales and CLV (customer lifetime value). Our advertising pros have many more tricks up their sleeves.

If you’re interested in learning more about our social media advertising services for YouTube, let’s jump on a quick call with our CEO.

Pinterest ads services

Not many people know this, but Pinterest is a goldmine for e-commerce shops. With its 443 million monthly users, it is an amazing platform for skyrocketing your business.

Generating relevant traffic to your store from this visual-centric platform is easier thanks to its relatively smaller user base. If you’re selling vegan food, you can post vegan recipes on Pinterest, and get more clicks to your website, which you can later turn into real buyers.

Want to learn more about the power of Pinterest ads? Let’s jump on a quick call with our CEO and talk about our social media advertising services for Pinterest.

Twitter ads services

Twitter is a great platform for brands who want to seem more culturally relevant. It is the #1 platform for brand interaction.

Although 48% of users visit the platform for news and entertainment, a whopping 33% use it to follow brands. 79% of Twitter users follow at least 1 brand on the platform, so it must be true.

Want to futureproof your business with social media advertising services for Twitter? Get a free proposal from our specialists and decide for yourself.

Enhance your social media presence and impress your customers

📈 If a social media user visits your account and sees inactivity, they will likely assume that you don’t have a legitimate business. Instead, imagine a user visiting your account and seeing a good number of followers, many loving comments from your users, and recent posts they can like and relate to. That’s the impression you need to leave on your user, not leave them wondering and guessing the state of your business.

Go viral on social media

Building a positive reputation on social media platforms can be tough, but it’s a job we love to do. Our social media advertising services focus on bringing in users from your target groups to introduce your brand in the best light possible.

Want to impress your potential customers and instill trust in your brand from the first glance?

Social media advertising services for all industries

Want to utilize the full power of paid social media advertising services? If your answer is yes, then you need a qualified partner to empower and optimize your campaigns to the max. 

The advertising agency you choose to work with must be familiar with your industry. They should know the ins and outs of your business.

Wondering if we can be a good match? Here are the industries we conquer.

Social media advertising
for e-commerce

E-commerce businesses thrive on social media advertising services. Why? Because a trustworthy ad has the ability to cut your sales funnel in half. Social ads help you boost brand awareness, reach new audiences, and bring in more traffic directly to your store.

The sphere of e-commerce is completely based on digital actions. Social media advertising services are essential to marketing for e-commerce brands. In fact, most qualified leads will come to your website through social media ads.

If you’re looking for an ad agency with e-commerce industry experience, let’s have a chat.

Social media advertising
for tech

Tech brands stand to gain a lot from social media advertising services. Whether you’re looking to generate more sales, promote your brand, get more event visitors, or engage in employer marketing activities, we got you covered.

We’ve worked with dozens of tech companies, we know the network, and we know what it takes to get ahead.

Our social media advertising services for tech brands extend over all platforms. Want to learn more about the tricks we use to grow your brand? Schedule a call with our CEO soon.

Social media advertising
for fashion & beauty brands

Fashion and beauty brands are all over social media platforms. 

Especially Instagram and Pinterest are great platforms for generating sales. Social media advertising services boost their overall performance and lead to stunning campaign results.

We love working with fashion and beauty brands, whether it be through social media advertising services, branding, or other digital marketing activities. 

The majority of our team is women, so you know it’s our weak spot 🥰

Want to learn more about our social ads services for fashion & beauty brands?

Social media advertising
for pet accessory brands

The pet accessories industry is a Cloud9 favorite sphere. A big part of our team is made up of pet parents! 

During 2021-2025, the pet accessories market is expected to grow by $9.2 billion. Conversion rates for online pet product sales are higher than ever. 

The industry is also a very emotional one, so connecting with customers is easier if you speak their language. Luckily, we speak it.

As a Facebook advertising agency, we know what it takes to generate sales through social media advertising services. 

Social selling is a big trend, and we’re on it. If you’re running a pet accessory brand, let’s have a chat. We bet it’ll be a pawsome meeting.

Social media platforms are the easiest and most efficient ways to spread the word about your brand. As a company in the 21st century, your online presence is key to your success.

Whether your brand is new or old, paid social media advertising services can help you boost your brand awareness. Reaching new audiences is as easy as it gets with social ads.

With a skilled social media advertising agency by your side, you’ll have a major advantage over your competitors. If you’re looking to introduce your brand to your target audience in the online sphere, let’s have a chat.

People walking on a sidewalk advertisement

Benefits of Cloud9 social media advertising services

Working with a boutique advertising agency has plenty of benefits. From extra dedication to account support, we go above and beyond for our partners.

If you’re interested in collaborating with us, let’s jump on a call and figure out if we are a good fit. Until then, here are some advantages of Cloud9’s social media advertising services.

Free strategy
included in offer

As with all our other services, we include an initial strategy in our partnership proposals for social media advertising services. It includes a general roadmap of our research and marketing plan. 

Ultimately, our goal is to brief you on what you’re in for.

Our preliminary strategy offers include a general audience description, types of posts we’re planning for you, types of campaigns, and much more.

Excited to see what we have in store for your business? 

Get a free proposal from our specialists by sending in an inquiry.

Expert campaign management

Having a highly experienced team of advertisers by your side gives you a significant advantage over your competitors because you can sleep better knowing that the pros are in charge.

Skilled teams can execute campaigns that are smooth like butter. 

Expected results are forecasted with better precision and ongoing optimization improves your achievements by a mile.

Interested to learn more about our expertise in social media advertising services? Let’s have a chat.


Authenticity and transparency are some of Cloud9’s core beliefs. Our goal as an agency is to deliver a good collaborative environment. That’s why we keep our pricing as transparent as it gets.

When it comes to social media advertising services, you will have complete access to ad accounts, and you’ll be able to see each and every dollar we spend for you, along with all the other KPIs you want to keep track of.

As for our pricing plans, let’s first have a quick chat and determine your needs.

Fill in this form and let’s figure out if we’re a good match.

Custom strategy
per campaign

Every single campaign we execute revolves around a custom strategy. 

With the amount of creativity and proactivity social ads require, having a tailored strategy for campaigns is the best course of action.

We know that social media advertising services are dynamic. 

With our ongoing optimization during campaigns, each one turns out the most optimal results.

Want to learn more about strategizing for social media advertising services at Cloud9? Drop us a line.

Setup of
ad accounts

If your brand is new, our onboarding process will be customized a tad. As a complementary service, we set up the ad accounts of our new partners.

But wait, what are ad accounts? If you’re looking to advertise on the largest social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, you’re going to need an ad account on the Meta Business Suite. Ad accounts are essentially used to manage your social media advertisements.

Interested to learn more about our complementary social media advertising services? Let’s talk about your business.

out the wazoo

Since social media advertising services are so dependent on creativity, the agency you choose to work with must match your energy.

At Cloud9, we pride ourselves on having a team of young marketing gurus from around the world who live and breathe with sales oriented creativity.

We know the trends, we have the skills, and we’re ready to take your brand to the next level. 

Fill in our contact form and we’ll get in touch with you soon.

49% of the internet population claim to be more likely to order from brands when they see advertisements.

Growing your sales is easier than ever with social media advertising services. If you advertise on relevant platforms for your brand, you’ll see results almost immediately. Want to start growing your brand? 🫶

Why do you need social media advertising services?

Organic reach on social media is the holy grail of social media marketing. Nevertheless, boosting your visibility beyond those unpredictable metrics is much more manageable. That’s why social media advertising services should not be overlooked.

Getting to your target audience can be hard if you’re solely relying on organic reach. This is true especially for newcomers to social media. Of course, gradual growth is preferred, but what if you have a hot sale that you think would interest more people?

Social media advertising services hold amazing advantages, and when you pair them with organic growth, you get the perfect combo. Let’s take a look at the most prominent advantages of social media advertising services.

Maximize your visibility with social media advertising services
Maximize your visibility

Reaching people who perfectly fit your target audience is now easier than ever. You guessed it – thanks to social media ads! With just a couple of cents or dollars, you can get thousands of impressions on your content.

Social media advertising services aim to reach beyond your organic capabilities. This means you can actually maximize your visibility and make sure new people hear about your brand through ads.

Want to learn more about maximizing your visibility with social advertising? We’ve got many secrets we’re willing to share. Let’s jump on a call and talk about boosting your brand’s visibility.

Reach your target audience

One of the best features of social media advertising services is the ability to target the audience you want to reach. You can choose a specific city, add an age range, and filter the target through demographic, behavioral, and many more types of characteristics.

Facebook is said to be the best platform for targeting the people in your ideal audience. Through Facebook ads, you can choose specific goals for your campaigns and the platform will take note. For example, if your goal is to get more people to engage with your post, it will show your ad to those who are most likely to engage with it.

Through a couple of tests, we can identify your perfect audience. If you want to learn more about our audience targeting strategy, let’s talk.

this poster is for you - reach your target audience
direct more traffic to your website with social media advertising services
Direct more traffic to your website

Social media advertising is an ideal gateway to leading people to your website. Whether someone sees your Instagram ad and decides to check out your product or learn more about your brand, it’ll be worth your while.

Certain social advertising platforms optimize for an advertiser’s intent to generate traffic. For example, Facebook ads allow you to attach a clickable button to your post, and when promoted, people will be inclined to tap it. It’s as simple as that.

Of course, bringing people from social media to your website isn’t easy. It takes a combination of great audience targeting, content, visuals, budgeting, and more. If you’ve gotten this far, then let’s talk to boost up your sales. Let’s talk about your business.

Nurture leads

Social media ads are amazing tools for cutting down your sales funnel and nurturing your leads in the meantime. In fact, the more a user hears about your brand or sees an ad from you, the higher the chances that they’ll start wanting to learn more.

How many times have you seen an ad from the same brand? If you remember one or two, then those ads have done their job well. Why? Because the next time you need the product they sell, you’ll think about them.

Social media advertising services help bring your leads one or two steps closer to converting every time they see your content. Let us help you cross that finish line.

nurture leads with social media advertising services
Generate more sales with social media advertising services
Generate more sales

Social media advertising is a fantastic tool for e-commerce stores to bring in more customers. First and foremost, social advertising helps you generate more traffic, which you will in turn convert into sales on your website.

Social media ads help you reach your relevant audience, make them fall in love with your brand, prompt them to learn more about your products, etc. At the end of the day, social advertising leaves you with customers who just need a small nudge or a simple reminder to click “Buy now.”

If you want to learn more about social media advertising services for e-commerce, let’s jump on a quick call with our CEO.

Gather measurable results

One of the best features of social media advertising services is how easy they are to track. Essentially, you get to see the exact number of people who saw your ad, how many times they saw it, how many times an action was taken, and exactly how much it cost you.

We use many different ways to go above and beyond with regards to tracking results. For example, Facebook features its own tracking software (Facebook Pixel) you can use to see the chain of engagement from an ad. It can tell you exactly what each website visitor did when they got to your website, and that is a wealth of information.

It will help us understand your best-sellers, which we can later turn into a promotion. On the other hand, we can run campaigns of your best selling product + a product you want to clear out of your inventory.

Setting this up and turning these insights into actionable lessons can be tough, but we are here to help. Let’s talk about your business and start advertising!

Gather measurable results with social media advertising services

Client testimonials

Robert Sharp Founder

I've worked with many agencies before but none of them delivered real results as the Cloud9 team did. Loved working with them. A real Cloud9 experience.

Shahe Director

The team at Cloud9 did an amazing job with reaching our digital marketing goals. We worked with them from start to finish, including our Branding, SMM, creating a sales strategy, and they were always on time. They do professional work with high standards, and I've already recommended them to other companies.

Nanor Tangoukian Founder & CEO

I enjoyed working with Cloud9 very much. It was refreshing because of the different outlook, direction, and strategy they had on social media marketing. I would highly recommend it to those in need of uniqueness and professionalism.

Let us show you why our clients stay happy.​

FAQs about social media advertising services

Social media advertising services can take many different forms.

  1. First, there are different platforms you can use, such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and more.
  2. Secondly, there are different types of content to choose, including photos, videos, carousel ads, and more.

Social media ads can also vary depending on their objectives, such as traffic, engagement, reach, and more. Campaign objectives vary on different social media platforms.

Each business is special in its own way. Depending on your brand and your audience, different platforms can work differently for you. For example, Instagram is best for fashion and beauty brands, LinkedIn does wonders for tech brands and B2B companies, and Pinterest is the place-to-be for e-commerce brands.

Want to know what platform will work best for your business? Let’s have a chat soon.

Social media advertising services have countless benefits for businesses. In our expert opinion, the top 6 benefits of social media advertising are:

  • Boosting your brand awareness
  • Shortening your sales cycle
  • Generating more leads
  • Enhancing brand loyalty
  • Gaining trackable insights and analytics
  • Reaching your target audience

Want to learn more about the benefits of social media advertising services? Get in touch with us.

Many factors go into deciding your budget for social media advertising campaigns, including target audience characteristics, location, industry, your desired KPIs, objectives, and more.

First and foremost, you’ll need to test out your campaigns to land on data for a forecast. Next, you’ll be able to gauge the results that a specific budget can get you.

Want to learn how much it’ll cost for your business to advertise on social media platforms? Get a free proposal from Cloud9.

The cost of marketing services for small businesses from an agency depends on many factors, including:

  • Types and extent of services provided
  • Location of the agency
  • Specialist seniority level required
  • Content creation
  • Advertising platform
  • Your advertising budget

Usually, small businesses can pay anywhere from $1,200 upwards of $5,000 for marketing agency services. In the case of Cloud9, this service is made more affordable thanks to our global team.

Get in touch with us to get a quick proposal based on your budget.


😇 Choosing the right boutique advertising agency for your business can be tough, we get it. We’ve been through the process of working with agencies, and we know all the things that can go wrong. That’s what makes us qualified to make working with an agency much easier.

We are an affordable digital marketing agency with a skilled team, and we pride ourselves on being authentic, transparent, and creative. If you’re interested to learn more about our social media advertising services, let’s have a chat soon.

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