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As content geeks, we live and breathe with authentic content.

But what exactly does content marketing entail? Starting from SEO-friendly blogs and website texts all the way to social media campaigns and white papers, we do it all.

Our words tend to make readers fall in love… with your products, of course!



What is SMM?

At Cloud9, Social Media Management is a core service, allowing you to reach a wider audience and generate interest among potential customers.

We take care of everything – from strategy and photoshoots to posts and stories.

Consistently producing engaging content can be tricky. Reaching potential customers and generating conversions can be even trickier. We get it.

Why you need it

The bottom line in our SMM efforts is always sales. We run sales-oriented marketing campaigns to boost your visibility in the digital world, generate leads, and ultimately skyrocket your sales.

With Cloud9’s creative team behind you, you won’t just maintain a social media presence but be able to turn your social media pages (LinkedIn, Instagram) into new sales channels and grow faster than ever.

How we do it 

Our KPI-oriented team knows what it takes to attract, convert, and retain potential customers. 

We have more magic spells in our books, so let’s chat.


1. Research

We scour the web, check out your competitors, and run deep analyses to determine what will work best for you.

2. Set KPIs 

Through collaboration, we determine your goals and set realistic KPIs. That way, we can quantify results and measure effectiveness through traffic, leads, followers, and engagement.

3. Create strategy

Cloud9 experts set up your SMM strategy, including your ideal customer personas, right platforms, type of content, and so on. 

4. Content creation

Our digital marketing specialists get to work and write up content based on research findings, as well as business and marketing needs/goals.

5. Approvals

Making sure you love our content is vital to our mutual success. We move forward with your approval.

6. Execution 

After the material is ready, there is only one thing left to do – execute!


What is SEO?

Having a website won’t do much good if customers can’t find you. Optimizing for Search Engines helps you show up higher in search results on Google. 

Essentially, if your website features content with relevant keywords, it signals to Google that your website is a credible source. Along with other SEO efforts, your website can become the first answer Google shows for a user’s search, in other words – rank as #1 on Google.

Why you need it

More than 50% of website traffic comes from organic searches. The authentic and relevant content from Cloud9’s content marketing team can help you rank higher than competitors, leading to higher organic traffic and conversions. 

Whether you need technical, on-page, or off-page SEO, we can set your website on the right path. After all, who needs a website nobody can find? 

How we do it

We write for people instead of engines, keeping your website one step ahead of everchanging algorithms. This way, you can increase your organic traffic and help customers find their own way to you. 

But enough talking, let us show you how we do it!


1. SEO audit and competitive research

First things first, our team gets to work and runs an SEO audit for your existing website. We also analyze competitors and gather other valuable metrics to find places for improvement.

2. Keyword planning

Deciding the keywords with which you want to rank is essential in making SEO efforts bring in actual results. After all, Google will only rank you higher if you are a relevant source, selling what you claim to be selling.

3. Technical SEO

Technical SEO refers to the optimization of your website’s infrastructure, such as the sitemap, aimed at helping Google’s crawlers understand your website in a better way. 

Without the right foundation (SEO-friendly structure and content), your website won’t get too far.

4. On-site SEO 

After building a strong foundation with technical SEO, we move on to more tangible optimization actions, including usability checks, meta descriptions, tags, broken links, etc.

5. Blogs

Having a blog section can do wonders for your website’s domain authority, ultimately improving your ranking. Our content geeks love writing entertaining and value-filled blogs.

6. Off-site SEO

Last but not least, we engage in link building, influencer outreach, and other off-site SEO actions to give your website the best chances of skyrocketing on Google.


What is web content?

Powerful headlines, words that can persuade, and conversion-optimized layouts. The combination of these 3 elements makes up the final product you get with Cloud9. 

Essentially, website content is the text you feature on your site that’ll speak the language of your customers and make them fall in love with your products.

Why you need it

Although visuals can attract, you need words in order to convert and sell. That’s why we write content that drives higher conversions while conveying your brand’s personality. 

At the end of the day, you need to give your clients the information they need to start trusting your brand.

Does that sound good? We have more tricks up our sleeves, so let’s chat.

How we do it

Emotions can drive purchase decisions. We identify your customer’s pain points and subtly invoke feelings of need towards your products. Let us show you the Cloud9 way.


1. Research

Research lies at the core of every operation. Our team dives deep into research, analyzing competitors and the market to come up with the best practices that’ll work for YOUR brand. 

2. Set the Tone

Before putting words on the paper, we define and refine your brand’s positioning, and tone of voice for your website. 

Ultimately, we want users to read the texts on your website and get a sense of your brand’s price range, quality, and benefits. Most of all, we want them to know that you are not just another brand. 

3. Develop an SEO optimized layout & structure

What does this button do? How can we prompt visitors to click the “Buy” button? How do we build a flow that customers will fall in love with? We answer all these questions and come up with the ideal layout & structure for each page.

4. Write SEO optimized texts

Once we know what we have to do, we DO it! Our content writers get to work and write the texts with the right keywords on your website to make readers feel, think, and, most importantly – convert.

5. Approvals

To make sure your expectations are in line with the deliverables, we ask for approvals.

6. Integration with your website 

Once we get the green light, it’s time to integrate the content with your website, and voila!

*Our languages

Having a culturally diverse team allows us to write website content in 4 languages – English, French, Russian, and Armenian.

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